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Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to connect with Emotional, Mental and Physical Well-being

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Mind Connections offers a combination of therapies to suit you and your particular issues

These can be discussed prior to or on your appointment!

An Effective Therapeutic Approach

I offer an integrative approach using various therapies including Hypnotherapy, CBT Approaches, Life Coaching, NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques for both adults and children. Each session is personalised to your needs and completely individual to you.

I have worked as a therapist since 1989 and have extensive experience in a range of therapies. I particularly enjoy working with weight management,  anxiety, phobias and panic attacks including emotional problems, particularly low self-esteem and confidence. 

My aim with any client is to help you make positive changes; whether that is taking a new direction or taking a new path to achieve your true potential, creating inner harmony and wellbeing or learning more about yourself and they way your mind works. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please contact me to discuss or arrange an appointment– and if you are not sure, I offer a quick chat with clients free of charge so that you can gain a clearer picture of what to expect from my therapy sessions. 

Mind Connections is a private therapy practice, formed by Patricia Whitson, the Founder and Principal of The Kent College of Hypnotherapy. Patricia has extensive experience in a range of counselling and psychotherapy therapies and specialises in weight management therapy, phobias and emotional problems, particularly low self-esteem and confidence.

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“My main aim and purpose is to help encourage people to be more responsible for their health and their emotional wellbeing and to teach hypnotherapy and healing to as many people as possible through courses, books and one to one sessions.”

Patricia Whitson


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